Jun. 7th, 2011 02:19 pm
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In Starbucks, drinking a venti frappuccino, and I left my jacket in the car. BRB, freezing to death.
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Sitting here trying to impose order on my Delicious bookmarks, and man, suddenly I have so much more appreciation for the tag wranglers over at AO3. I can barely keep my own tags consistent - I can't imagine how difficult it must be to try to organize hundreds thousands? idk a multitude of people's ideas of how to tag properly into some sort of cohesive whole. I love Delicious a lot - in theory. Tags! Tag bundles! A way to sort, categorize, and organize to my neurotic heart's content! 264 bookmarks in (and that's only a fraction of the whole), tags have grown to 648 and I'm drowning in  my own ambition. Oh well - nowhere to go but onward! *slog slog*

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 A bit late, but:

If you haven't seen it already, you owe it to yourself to check out Sherlock.  It ran in the UK over the summer, and is airing on PBS' Mystery Theater starting tonight.  Only three 90-minute episode's, but there's a wealth of material in each and the online fandom is pretty spectacular.  (Episodes also available online, of course, if you're like me and can't possible wait three whole weeks :D )

Set your VCR's/Tivo/s for PBS, 9pm:

October 24th - (1) A Study in Pink
October 31st - (2) The Blind Banker
November 7th - (3) The Great Game
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 I remember the commercials when SyFy was running Merlin, but I forgot to watch the first one and then promptly forgot about the show entirely.  Also, the whole Arthurian mythos makes me cry (The Once and Future King and Le Morte d'Arthur were formative experiences, okay?) and I only rarely enjoy stomping on my weepy-buttons.

But - and I swear to God I don't remember which fic started it - about two days ago I was bored and read a Merlin fic and now it's something like 23 fics and eight episodes later (it's on Hulu!) and I keep swinging between "shiny new fandom!" and "AAAAAAHHHHH THERE'S A REASON YOU DON'T READ THIS ANYMORE QUIT NOW BEFORE IT ALL ENDS IN TRAGEDY oh crap too late."  (Hint: the ominous stuff starts in episode 8. Yes, it's called "The Beginning of the End." No, I apparently have no self-preservation.)

All I can say is, thank God for fic writers, because there are a couple of au's/big bangs/alternate(?) endings I predict I will be fleeing (back) to in the near future.

In short: UTHER PENDRAGON STOP STOMPING ON MY WEEPY BUTTONS. (This can only end in tears, I know it.)
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So, Inception. Basically my position is: go see it. Yes, you will guess the end. (You may have done so already!) See it anyway. I've been weak to Joseph Gordon-Levitt since 3rd Rock From the Sun (500 Days of Summer notwithstanding) and by the end of the movie I was slashing him with pretty much everybody. Including Ellen Page's character! Which is not really slash, I guess! His character hits all my "competence kink" buttons, yay. There's a lot more to say about the movie, but I'm too lazy to cut for spoilers now, so slash it is. It appears that my slash goggles are pretty much stuck on because apparently I view all media through the lens of fic potential now. Internet, you have corrupted me. Again.
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So.  I may have just mainlined the last five episodes.  Annnnd I maybe got all sniffly at the end.  Goddammit.

Implied spoilers for the anime ending. Obviously. )

More - maybe - later after I've thought about it.
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Just finished reading the 35 scanlated chapters of Kuroshitsuji. Oh my God. Oh my God.

Spoilers possible by implication. )

Hello, newly discovered happy (?) buttons.  I'm going to have to go find the anime now, aren't I?  Guh.  Fweeble.
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